Leaked iOS 5 and iCloud Apple First Look Documents

9to5Mac has posted two internal Apple "First Look" documents aimed at arming Apple Store employees with talking points to help sell iOS 5 and iCloud. Although it is unlikely that employees would need to sell these services independently, seeing as they are bundled for free with an iOS device, they are enhancements that could help sell new iOS devices, as well as keep existing iOS users from switching to competing platforms. The two images are available to view here once you click "Read More..." below.

Audible iOS App Adds Link To Mobile Store

Audible Enter Mobile Store

According to ZDNet, Audible added a new button in their iOS app that takes the user to their mobile store. This is surprising, considering Apple requires all in-app purchases go through them where they take a 30% cut. Was this an oversight by Apple’s App Store auditors, or maybe a precursor to App Store policy changes? Makes me wonder if the next release of Audible will still contain this link.

OS X Lion: Revised Scrolling

With OS X Lion, Apple is looking at moving the scrolling method from iOS over to the Mac. The real question: Is the Mac ready for iOS scrolling?

Apple Updates Rules For In-App Subscriptions

It was only a month ago that I posted my story on BeamItDown Software closing up shop because of Apple's in-app subscription requirements. Turns out Apple has decided to update the policy to be more developer friendly. But why?

BeamItDown Software Closing Up Shop

BeamItDown Software, the creators of the iFlowReader eBook reader app for iOS, is closing up shop. Citing Apple's in-app purchase requirement for developers, they state that after Apple takes a 30% cut, they would end up running in the red...
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