New Mac Pro and Apple Logo Placement

I find it interesting that the new Mac Pro design places the Apple logo on the back of the unit.

Mac Pro

Apple Inc.

It’s such a unique design for a computer workstation, so unique that a logo is not needed to help differentiate it from the competition.

Apple Gets What It Wanted With New Google Maps

Unless you have been living under a rock, Google Maps has been released for iOS devices on the App Store. Even though 74% of Apple Maps users are satisfied, this is still great news nonetheless—they now have a native app that ties into Google Map’s architecture and data.

What does this mean to Apple?

Simple: they got what they wanted without having to compromise.

Apple originally wanted Google to bring turn-by-turn directions to the original iPhone Maps app, but Google asked for more than Apple was willing to deliver on. Instead of waiting around, Apple set off to build their own maps app and remove Google from the equation, literally. Up until today, if you were on an iOS 6 device, your only way to access Google Maps was via the web.

What does this mean to Google?

To tap into the iOS user base you have to play by Apple’s rules. Judging by the fact that Google released Maps for a competing platform, the users must be worth a lot.

What does this mean for the iOS user?

One additional choice. As a Navigon user, I already enjoy a great mapping solution with Street View built-in, so I am not sure what benefits Google Maps will bring to the table for me. But if you are part of the 26% unsatisfied by Apple Maps, and do not want to pay for an alternative, Google Maps is a great option. Just make sure you have a signal because Google Maps does not support offline maps.

Brian Williams’ Interview With Tim Cook: Part 2

Here is part two of Brian Williams’ interview with Tim Cook on Rock Center:

Tim Cook: Mac Line Will Be Produced in US in 2013

While being interviewed by Brian Williams on Rock Center, Apple CEO Tim Cook made the following statement:

“Next year, we will do one of our existing Mac lines in the United States”

Could it be the new iMac that, in some cases, is already being marked as Assembled in USA? Alexander Hoffmann argues, instead, that it could be the Mac Pro.

In case you missed the interview on NBC, I have embedded the segment below:

[NSFW] Russian iTunes Store Launch Included Porn

Russian iTunes Store Launch (NSFW)

Twitter: @dzarlax

As reported by 9to5Mac, the launch of the Russian iTunes Store accidentally displayed porn to unsuspecting visitors. It has since been fixed, but it makes me wonder how this got through to production.

And you thought adult content wasn’t allowed to pass through an Apple service…

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