Facebook Reacts After Pulling Trigger, Again

If there is one thing I have learned from Facebook, it’s that it shoots first and ask questions later. Okay, maybe they aren’t the ones asking the questions, but they definitely are on the receiving end.

Facebook’s recent stint has to do with changing their users’ default email address to their own @facebook.com service. Surprise, surprise, now they are putting engineers on the case to investigate what went wrong.

But this isn’t the first time Facebook has quietly rolled out something huge, only to be met with outrage. Who could forget their surprise privacy changes back in May 2010? This, of course, wasn’t the only time they made sweeping changes to their privacy policy; they also did so in 2009.

When dealing with Facebook, it is best to be prepared for random changes to disrupt your online life. From making once private atrributes public to changing your preferred email address, Facebook’s aim is to keep you on your toes. As I have said before, you are the product and anything they can do to better monetize you the better.