What Are Android Users Doing With Their Phones?

brian s hall asks (again) “what are Android users doing with their Android phones?

Despite the massive market share numbers, there is more (total) browsing on iPhones. More app usage on iPhones. More Google searches! iPhone users are consuming more WiFi, playing more games, uploading more photos, etc.

In other words, iPhone users are getting *value* for their device whereas Android users, in total, seem to be, well, throwing their money away.

Maybe, if all of the Android users purchased a data plan to go along with a phone which still required an out-of-pocket expense. What I think may be happening is many of the Android phones being sold are either bundled for free with contract, or are entry-level (subpar) phones coupled with pay-as-you-go plans.

I am open to the idea that a large portion of Android phones sold are underutilized because the user has no intentions of using them as smartphones. For these users, all they really needed was a cheap phone to make calls and maybe text, and an Android phone was offered to them for free.