Verizon Files Challenge to Derail Net Neutrality

A new legal challenge appears as Net Neutrality’s November 20th effective date approaches. From Ars Technica:

On Friday afternoon, Verizon filed its expected challenge to the FCC’s network neutrality rules, suing in federal court to stop them. Verizon claims that the agency has no authority to issue rules affecting the Internet.

I wonder if Verizon’s legal counsel has any experience in these matters.

Lawyer Helgi Walker is overseeing Verizon’s challenge; she previously represented Comcast before the same court and argued that the FCC had no authority to police Comcast’s P2P throttling. She won that case by making many of the same arguments Verizon looks set to deploy.

This should be interesting. As discussed before, this was to be expected. MetroPCS, now it’s your turn.