Verizon Alters TOS to Profit from Customer Data

Verizon Wireless has updated their Privacy Policy, allowing them to collect your Web browsing history, cell phone location and app usage for third-party marketing purposes. Verizon wired customers (examples: Verizon FiOS Internet, DSL) are also subject to the changes and can expect more targeted ads based on their geographical location. How will Verizon supply this data, and how can we expect marketers to use it? From the article:

“For the business and marketing reports offered by Verizon Wireless, records about Web sites visited, cell phone locations and other consumer data will be combined (or aggregated) to compile reports that provide businesses with insights about their customers,” Nelson said. “For example, these insights may include the demographics (age ranges, gender, etc.) and interests (such as ‘pet lovers’ or ‘tennis enthusiasts’) of visitors to a Web site, or commuters who might pass an outdoor billboard. These aggregate reports could be used by Web publishers to help provide content that is more appealing to users, or to help advertisers better select the ads they will display on outdoor billboards or at other venues.”

The data will be aggregated before it is distributed to third-parties. If you do not want to be part of this process, Verizon offers a way to opt-out online or you can call 1-866-211-0874 to talk to a Verizon representative.