Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail’s Secret Domain Blacklist

Saw this over on Slashdot:

Hotmail and Yahoo Mail are apparently sharing a secret blacklist of domain names such that any mention of these domains will cause a message to be bounced back to the sender as spam. I found out about this because — surprise! — some of my new proxy site domains ended up on the blacklist. Hotmail and Yahoo are stonewalling, but here’s what I’ve dug up so far — and why you should care.

Google and Twitter Relaunch Tweet2Speak

Google and Twitter have relaunched Tweet2Speak to help Syrians tweet without internet.

Call +902123391447 or +302111982716 or +390662207294 or +16504194196. Press 1 to tweet, 2 to hear tweets.

Reddit’s “Darknet Plan” Faces Technical Challenges

While SOPA (The Stop Online Piracy Act) continues to threaten free-speech online in America, the hivemind over at Reddit have decided to build their own wireless mesh network. Dubbed the Darknet Plan, this ad hoc network would skirt around government regulations like SOPA, keeping online free speech alive.

Sounds great, but I have one question: Can a reliable wireless mesh network be built using off-the-shelf hardware? Shaddi has posted a technical critique of the effort, outlining five reasons why “wireless mesh networks aren’t actually a good way to build a real network.” If you have ever wondered what issues plague wireless mesh networks, this is a great place to start.