Tim Cook: Mac Line Will Be Produced in US in 2013

While being interviewed by Brian Williams on Rock Center, Apple CEO Tim Cook made the following statement:

“Next year, we will do one of our existing Mac lines in the United States”

Could it be the new iMac that, in some cases, is already being marked as Assembled in USA? Alexander Hoffmann argues, instead, that it could be the Mac Pro.

In case you missed the interview on NBC, I have embedded the segment below:

1984 Steve Wozniak Video

Sarah Bailey—of the North East Ohio Apple Corps (NEOAC)—sent TUAW a video of Steven Wozniak speaking at their event in 1984:

Tweetbot for Mac Screenshot

Ever since I started using Tweetbot on my iPad, every Twitter client on the Mac feels antiquated. This is a glaring issue and I am surprised that no one else has tried to tackle this. Sure, there are Twitter power apps which allow you to see multiple streams, all while brewing you a cup of joe, but these apps seem to get in the way and are too noisy. On the oposite side of the sprectrum are clients that only do a handful of things like post tweets, but can’t even manage or display who you follow.

Then Mark Jardine—of Tapbots, maker of Tweetbot—tweeted the following:

Mark Jardine Tweet

Tweetbot for Mac Running on MacBook Pro Retina Display

Yes, that is a screenshot of Tweetbot for Mac running on the new MacBook Pro Retina screen. Here Tapbots, take my money now.