Mrs. Claus Just Got Pervy

What was Samsung thinking? The last thing I want to think about is Santa getting busy with old Mrs. Claus.

Thanks to Brian S Hall for sharing this awkward commercial.

Google Now Helping Samsung’s Fight Against Apple

In my post Another Angle to Google’s Motorola Acquisition last year, I detailed why I believed Google was acquiring Motorola Mobility; patents:

With Motorola Mobility’s existing patent portfolio, it only seems logical that Google’s reason for the acquisition was to help protect Android licensees from further patent lawsuits.

While Google has helped out HTC in its legal battles with Apple—even if via proxy—they are being more direct in helping Samsung . From The Korean Times:

A U.S. court recently ruled to block the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphones, which were designed in collaboration with Google. Since the decision, the two firms have been working closely to create a united front against Apple’s legal offensive, said Samsung.

I don’t believe this “united front” is solely because of the Galaxy Nexus ban. One thing both Google and Samsung are being investigated for are abusing FRAND patents, with Apple labeled a victim:

Samsung is demanding Apple to pay 2.4 percent of the retail price of iPhones and iPads, while Apple claims the rate is excessive considering the companies’ commitment to fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing (FRAND).

The European Union is investigating whether Samsung abused FRAND-related patents, while Google is being investigated by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission as to whether it is illegally using FRAND patents acquired in a takeover of Motorola Mobility to block smartphone rivals.

My thanks to AppleInsider for The Korean Times link.

New Samsung Galaxy S III Commercial Sells Questionable Feature

Commercials for the new Samsung Galaxy S III have already started hitting the airwaves and it appears Samsung has learned to focus on features rather than belittle their competition’s fans. The following showcases how the phone can allow you to text and watch video at the same time.

Sure, this may be a great feature for some, but unlike listening to music, watching video is an active process. To truly experience video. it requires your eyes’ full attention. Unless you are ignoring a commercial, switching your focus to texting will only require you to rewind the video afterwards to see what you have missed.

EU Investigating Samsung’s Use of 3G Patents Against Apple

I have written about Samsung’s use of RAND (or FRAND) patents against Apple, describing it “like fighting a forest fire with a water pistol.” Whereas Apple is waging its legal wrath against Samsung on the basis of copying its products, Samsung volleyed with its own suit alleging Apple infringed on their 3G patents. Unfortunate for Samsung, their patents are part of the 3G standard and fall under the FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) requirement.

The European Union’s top antitrust authority has now launched their investigation into Samsung’s use of 3G patents against Apple. From Computerworld:

Samsung has sued Apple in five E.U. countries alleging infringement of its patents on 3G mobile technology. The European Commission will now consider whether the South Korean company is abusing the principle of fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) licensing in these cases.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find Apple benefiting from this investigation, and Samsung coming out with a skinned knee.

Samsung Wants to See iPhone 4S Firmware

The legal battle Down Under between Samsung and Apple continues, with Samsung now requesting access to the iPhone 4S’s firmware, as well as Apple’s agreements with Australia’s major carriers. From Smart Office:

In Federal court today Samsung counsel Cynthia Cochrane said her client would need the source code for the iPhone 4S and agreements Apple had with major carriers Vodafone, Telstra and Optus in order to make a legal case for a ban before the court.

Apple denies the infringement, claiming they have licensed the three RAND patents from Samsung through an international agreement, which Samsung claims was not extended to Australia.

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