New Mac Pro and Apple Logo Placement

I find it interesting that the new Mac Pro design places the Apple logo on the back of the unit.

Mac Pro

Apple Inc.

It’s such a unique design for a computer workstation, so unique that a logo is not needed to help differentiate it from the competition.

Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer

Seven-years and three-months later, Arrested Development is finally back. Season 4 starts streaming May 26th, 2013 on Netflix.

London in 1927

While not new (it was uploaded on November 16th, 2009), Tim Spark posted an amazing color video (bad link) of London in 1927, shot by Claude Frisse-Greene, an early British pioneer of film.

Update: The Vimeo link has gone bad, so I replaced it with one from YouTube. Thanks to Paul Thurrott and his tweet for offering a replacement.

What Was Blackberry Thinking?

This is just awkward. I wonder who came up with the idea to have a (pretend) band sing about their new OS. Even worse, who at Blackberry thought this was a good idea. Are they trying to look lame and uncool?

Scathing Review of Nintendo Wii U

Jonathan S. Geller from BGR:

I bought a Nintendo Wii U for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to play and beat “Super Mario Bros. U.” I’ll probably end up returning the console after I’m done, because that’s how horrible the Wii U actually is.

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