The Outdated and Abandoned Droids to Avoid

Are you looking to pick up a new Android phone, but concerned that your phone may never see an OS update moving forward? If history repeats itself, there’s a good chance your Android phone will stop receiving updates within two-years, in contrast to the iPhone which receives OS updates for the first three-years. Michael DeGusta posted an analysis of existing Android and iPhone models, and mapped out when their installed OS was current or outdated. From a simple glance, it is obvious the iPhone is easily the most supported and phones from Motorola are the most neglected.

Another Angle to Google’s Motorola Acquisition

With Google's recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility, the media has focused their sites on the patents gained, and how they may be used to fend off threats from Android's competitors, such as Apple and Microsoft. Considering Motorola was a pioneer in the cell phone industry, they must have some good patents in their portfolio. While there is no mistaking that patents are a large reason for the acquisition, I feel the media may be overlooking one aspect.

Motorola EX225: Possibly the Next Facebook Phone

Motorola EX225

If the rumors are true, Motorola’s EX225 could be the next phone to sport a dedicated Facebook button.

Two things come to mind:

  • How successful has the HTC Status been for AT&T?
  • With Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility, how long before this becomes a Google+ button?

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…