Apple’s iCloud Rumored to Run on Microsoft/Amazon Services

According to an article on The Register, Apple’s iCloud service is rumored to run jointly on Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. I cannot help but wonder if Apple is relying on established, reliable vendors for the initial iCloud launch, and later migrating the service over to their data center in North Carolina when they feel it is ready.

Haiku OS Celebrates 10th Birthday

Haiku OS turns 10 today! Originally dubbed OpenBeOS, Haiku OS was the communities’ response to the end of Be, Inc. and the commercial support of BeOS. Although 1.0 has still yet to be released, Haiku OS has been graced with three alpha releases and a great team of developers and contributors.

If you are interested, I recorded an interview with Ryan Leavengood back in 2010 that is available to listen to at I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Book Review: The Land of Debris and the Home of Alfredo by Kenn Amdahl

How valuable are memories when they go missing, and at what lengths would you go to find them? In Kenn Amdahl's "The Land of Debris and the Home of Alfredo," you are thrown into the life of a man with no memory, while draped in a delusional world of self-discovery.

HTC Status :: Expired

HTC Status

You may have seen the AT&T commercials lately advertising the new HTC Status, the first phone with a Facebook share button. Yes, that’s right, a button solely for Facebook. For only $49.99 and a two-year contract, you too could have the luxury of a dedicated Facebook button on your phone.

Two-years. Talk about commitment. Who knows where Facebook will be in two-years. With Google+ adding 20-million users in just three-weeks, is it far too soon to wonder if today’s Facebook could become tomorrow’s MySpace?

OS X Lion: Revised Scrolling

With OS X Lion, Apple is looking at moving the scrolling method from iOS over to the Mac. The real question: Is the Mac ready for iOS scrolling?
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